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Tsavorite Gemstone Australia Wide

Tsavorite’s beautiful colors have a stimulating and refreshing effect on the eyes. Its bright and vivid green, excellent wearability and high brilliance at reasonable prices make it an exceptional value gemstone.

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Tsavorite Gemstone Dealers

Tsavorite Gemstone was discovered in the 1960s in East Africa and gave tough competition to the green gemstone emerald. This bright stunningly vivid green color gemstone took its grand entry to the world’s gemstone jewelry industry in the 1970s by the marketing efforts of Tiffany & Co.  With its excellent sparkle and scintillation, this bright green stone became a popular choice for good engagement ring stones. The best part of using it in a ring is it typically doesn’t require protective settings.

This stone is a variety of garnet groups and a trace amount of vanadium or chromium gives the stone a sparkling deep green color. This rival of emerald is named after Tsavo East National Park, Kenya however, it was first discovered in Tanzania. A well-known British gem prospector and geologist named Campbell R. Bridges was the first person to discover this stunning gemstone. He explored it in Lemshuko. He found this intensive green colored stone deposited in the mountain of North-east Tanzania.

It’s believed that these gemstones are deposited in a larger amount in Kenya due to its larger geological extension. Tsavorite Gemstone’s name was proposed by the president of Tiffany and Co Company with respect to Tsavo East National Park.

Tasvo gemstones are not only stunning by look but also are great for daily wear due to its strength. They are highly strong however a sudden temperature change can harm it. So avoiding sudden temperature change and steam cleaning is advisable for Tasvo gemstone jewelry. This gemstones beauty, rarity, value, and exclusivity make it a brilliant choice for jewelry. Find your favourite piece of Tsavorite gemstone jewellery with Aqua Gems Jewels which is among Australia’s best gemstone jewellery company.